Creator's Landing - Exclusive small group coaching at Creator's Landing with Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford
100 Ways To Create Wealth, Business Coaching You've read their experience them live! The Small Business Millionaire, 9 Lies That Are Holding Your Business Back
The Total Wealth Creation Program

If you are a business owner, an individual who wants to increase your income and wealth or a business or life coach who wants to create more wealth for yourself and your clients,

Spend three fun, intensive, up close and personal days with us at Creator’s Landing in a small group of just 24 individuals and we’ll give you a powerful combination of “want to” and “how to” that will increase your wealth forever. After the three days we’ll give you ongoing coaching each month to make sure that you implement and reach your goals.

Sam Beckford
Steve Chandler
Sam Beckford
The Small Business Millionaire
Steve Chandler
International Best Selling Author

If you are committed to increasing the amount of wealth in your life, keep reading. My name is Sam Beckford. If you have read 9 Lies that are Holding Your Business Back, 100 Ways to Create Wealth or you have seen me interviewed on TV, you know my story. In 1995 after failing at 5 different small business attempts my wife and I started a music and dance teaching business with just $50. We were too broke to afford a commercial space so we rented rooms by the hour from an elementary school. That small unlikely wealth creation opportunity ended up making me a millionaire at age 34.  After that initial success I moved on to create millions of dollars in 2 other opportunities.

In 2003 I started giving seminars to share my powerful strategies with other small business owners. In 2004 I teamed up with best-selling author Steve Chandler - in my opinion the world's most effective trainer of self motivation for goal achievement. Steve has coached everyone from professional athletes, well-known authors, and individuals to entire Fortune 500 companies. He’s increased the success of multi-millionaires in the skills of wealth creation and goal attainment. I was already successful when I met Steve but he gave me his surprisingly unorthodox tools and advice to break me through to a higher level of success faster than I could have previously imagined.

Steve and I began working together presenting seminars, combining my powerful small business and wealth creation strategies with Steve’s life changing coaching and mind set principles. By combining “how to” with “want to” we started achieving breakthrough results with thousands of clients.   

Until now the only way to work with both Steve Chandler and me as a team was at one of our large format seminars with hundreds of other participants in a hotel ballroom.

Sam Beckford and Steve Chandler
Recent Sold Out Seminar
Sam and Steve at a recent sold out seminar

Now for the first time ever you will have the opportunity to work with both of us in a small group setting to experience life changing results. Instead of being one of 600, people in a crowd, you will be able to work up close with us on your specific goals. Our small group coaching sessions have a maximum of just 24 individuals. You will see living proof of my goals and results by seeing that I "walk the walk" and live the way I tell people to live. After that initial 3 day coaching meeting we will give you follow up coaching with Steve & me to keep you on track to reach your goals.

Come see my creation and we will help you create the results that you want
The view from Sam Beckford's home and the exclusive coaching center at Creator's Landing
The view from Sam Beckford's home and the exclusive coaching center at Creator's Landing

Creator's Landing is a three acre waterfront site on the shore of the mighty Fraser River just 40 minutes from Vancouver, Canada. It is the location of my 8000 square foot house and a separate exclusive 2400 square foot small group coaching center. But most importantly, the property is also a creation. In 1999 before I even owned a house, I sat in my rented apartment with my wife Valerie and wrote a goal that we would own a property like that. Waterfront property is in such high demand in Vancouver that the 3 acre piece of property was even written about in the newspaper when it came up for sale. I actually stumbled across the property which hadn’t been registered in the land title office since 1916. It was a truly rare opportunity. I wasn’t the only bidder and I wasn’t event the highest offer. The seller turned down an all cash 7 figure offer to let me have the property.

I believe things happen for a reason. I believe that property was meant to be used to help others create the results the results and lives they really want. That’s why I got it. I believe you can buy and own anything you want if you are willing to share it to help others. Wealth creation is not about greed. Most people unfortunately have that misguided notion. The first year I had a major financial breakthrough was the year I decided to give away $100,000 to charitable causes I believe in. True wealth is more about what you can freely give than about what you get.

I decided to call the property Creator's Landing because I believe we are all created and we have all been given the ability and the power to create what we want in our lives.

If the books Steve & I wrote resonate with you we would like to give you an opportunity to work with us in person. We will coach you in a small group environment and give you all of our best ideas (and hold you accountable to executing yours.) We will begin with a live three-day intensive interactive session….the deepest and most soul-searching workshop you'll ever attend. During these three days with us you will create your future prosperity right on the spot and have it thoroughly upgraded and supported by all of us. I will show you how I created millions of dollars from scratch in three different opportunities.  After that initial three day meeting we give you follow up monthly group coaching to ensure that you are actually creating the results you want. That way you will be able to have us coaching you and holding you accountable to live the things we experienced over the three day period.

Our coaching is not for everyone. It is exclusive and it works. It is for people who are truly ready to stop reacting (to other people and circumstance) and start creating. My small business clients will usually double or triple their business within an 18 month period of my coaching. One of my clients made a 2 million dollar profit in less than 2 years by taking my advice.  Steve's clients have added hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars to their income and wealth as a result of his coaching. Self improvement and coaching are useless if they don't directly produce wealth in your life. We only want to work with people who are ready to get measurable financial results from the work so we don't accept everyone who applies to attend our event.

How the Wealth Triangle combined with the right motivation can change your life!

Most people think in terms that are too narrow when it comes to wealth creation. In 1999 I came up with the concept of the “wealth triangle” which helped me go from scratch to a 5 million dollar net worth in just 7 years. Too many small business owners only think about their business as a wealth creation tool. Too many executives only think about their income. Too many real estate investors only think about real estate.

If some of the items that we cover in the program listed below don’t seem to apply to your situation right now – please don’t dismiss them. This coaching program is a total wealth program, not just a “make more money doing what you are doing now” program. When hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky was asked why he was the best hockey player in the game he said: “I don’t skate to where the puck is – I skate to where the puck is going to be.” People drive by millions of dollars of opportunities every day because they don’t know what they are missing. If you are a small business owner this program will help your business but it will also open your eyes to wealth creation opportunities outside your business. If you are an executive this program will show you a whole different world than corporate income. If you are a business or life coach yourself, this program will give you powerful tools to use with clients, build your practice and uncover opportunities that you aren’t capitalizing on now.

The wealth triangle was not mentioned in 100 Ways to Create Wealth or any of our other books. I only discuss the details of my wealth triangle in person at Creator’s Landing.

If you are only thinking of creating wealth in just one area you are making a very costly mistake.

In this program we will work specifically on increasing your wealth. Wealth is created by how you think and more importantly by what you do. Our total wealth program applies income and wealth creation strategies to small business, personal income, real estate opportunities, coaching practices, internet ventures and other opportunities. This program is not a “get rich quick” gimmicky program.

There is no point in creating wealth while losing your health, your relationships and your soul. It would be criminal to not address maintaining the true wealth of self balance to enjoy financial rewards. You get rich faster, not slower, when you consciously include mind, body and spirit. The synergy we teach is remarkable.

In our initial three days together we’ll cover these areas in a highly interactive teaching and coaching format. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

You’ll learn and really finally understand how to convert an ordinary small business into extraordinary wealth and freedom by using a powerful combination of "how to" and "want to.” Can your desire to succeed be increased? Come see.

I’ll show you how to set up your business as a system so it works profitably and efficiently when you can't be there (I haven’t physically spent more than three hours per week at my music and dance studio business since 2002….to me The Four Hour Work Week is excessive.) You’ll finally figure out how to attract and hire key people that will run your business well when you are not there.

Steve will deliver the system he teaches Fortune 500 companies for finding and hiring good people.

You will also learn Steve's ultimate time management system for business owners and professional consultants.

You will get the powerful business coaching advice that Fortune 500 companies pay Steve $40,000 per day to learn.

Is the power of creation much more powerful than the law of attraction?

Wealth is created in the mind first. But then your plan must be executed for you to be a true creator. You will learn the difference between being a creator and a reactor in life. Why most sales people spend less than 1.5 hours a day actually selling. Why most people spend even less time than that actually creating wealth. The name Creator’s Landing will take on a deeper meaning for you shortly after you arrive. By the way, this is not an "airy fairy" seminar about just visualizing what you want. Yes the principle of attraction does have value, but we have proven that the power of creation is much more powerful than the law of attraction (because it includes and transcends it!). This is a seminar about thinking a certain way and then taking action to create a result.

We will discuss "linkage" to discover wealth creation opportunities. I will tell you how to identify everyday opportunities and convert them into wealth production.

I will  tell you how a trip to the grocery store, a Sunday drive and being willing to pay "too much" for a property all turned into huge wealth creation opportunities. We will both share the inside stories of how we ourselves and our clients have broken through the barrier to wealth.

We’ll teach you how to turn purchases into wealth. This is a big shift in thinking. Can buying a non business, non investment, consumer item turn into a wealth creation opportunity in your life? Yes, if use the right approach.

We will explain the "Millionaire Leap"—how to make the jump from a one million dollar net worth to a 5 million dollar net worth. We’ll show you why the “success” you have already may be working against you….what you’re good at often keeps you from being great! We’ll break that code for you. The mind set that took you to a million dollar net worth is not the mind set you need to get to five million dollars or more if that is your goal.

Steve and I will also teach you million dollar business coaching strategies. If you’re a coach you will find this information to be priceless. Steve will talk about how he helped a business coach increase his yearly income from $200,000 to 1.2 million dollars in just one year. If you are not a business coach why should you be interested in coaching strategies? Because you coach people every day! Also, the most valuable wealth creation skill you can possess is the ability to know yourself and coach yourself. Steve’s international bestsellers 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself and 100 Ways to Motivate Others have produced thousands of examples of success stories resulting from individuals learning how to coach themselves and coach others, even if they originally had no interest in being a professional coach. One of my favorite sayings is “What I am aware of empowers me, what I am unaware of controls me.” Self awareness of how and why you do things can accelerate your wealth creation ability substantially.

How much and how do you get started?

The program is $4800 for the three day event and $395 per month for the follow up coaching program. The ongoing monthly group coaching will deliver an accountable structure for the fulfillment of your plan. It’s the element that’s usually the missing piece in great seminars….after the glow wears off…now what? How do I execute the beautiful transformation I experienced? Our ongoing monthly coaching will be your accountability and follow-up to the foundation laid in the three day event. The program is a powerful combination of strategies, coaching, implementation and accountability. You will not attend the three day event without wanting the follow-up coaching and you cannot join the group coaching program without first attending three day event.

Our one year later follow up event - The ultimate cure for "goal amnesia".

When you attend our live 3 day event, keep your calendar free for exactly one year later. We will coach you monthly after attending the live event, but then we will meet again one year later at Creator’s Landing to give you in person accountability. As a coaching member you can re-attend the Creator’s Landing 3 day wealth session each year for a nominal fee of just $495- a $4,305 reduction of the regular fee. Knowing your progress will be measured 365 days later has a huge effect on your performance during the year. This program is about true success and implementation. It’s not about what you “could” or “should” be doing. Knowing you have to meet us in a year for the “weigh in” will help keep you on track immensely. This program is designed to commit you to results. Our job as your coaches is to give you real dollar results many times greater that the fee you pay to us.

If you have any hesitation about the price of the program whatsoever please stop reading now. If your gut reaction now is anything other than: “Yes! I’m doing this!” this program is not for you. Fortune 500 companies pay Steve up to $40,000 per day for this exact same coaching. Because it works. Thousands of people have paid $1500 - $3000 to attend my two day events with up to 650 other people in the same room. Because that works too. If this opportunity does not sound like the deal of the century, or if you are not familiar with our work through our books, you are not the type of person who should apply to attend.

Common Q & A about travel, accommodations and running times of the event.

Where are the accommodations for the session?

We have a group discount arranged with a nice all-suites hotel 10 minutes from Creator’s Landing. Attendees are responsible for booking their own accommodation.  Full details on the hotel and how to book discounted rooms will be provided once you are confirmed to attend.

Our private complimentary daily shuttle between the hotel and Creator’s Landing is provided. It is not mandatory to stay at the recommended hotel but you may only commute to and from Creator’s Landing via the private shuttle that picks up at the hotel. No late arrivals, no early departures. If you are too busy or distracted to commit to 3 full days on that schedule – don’t attend. Everyone comes and goes at the same time no exceptions.

No cell phones or blackberries are allowed on site. Laptops are permitted but checking email is not allowed. Breaks are intended to continue the flow, not to get distracted by checking messages and email. Creator’s Landing is meant to be the “Island of Calm” so that you can create the maximum in wealth, not an incremental increase.

The event runs 9AM – 5PM. A catered lunch, snacks and refreshments are provided on site all 3 days. 

You will fly into Vancouver international airport YVR. It is also possible to fly to Seattle SEA-TAC airport and drive 2 hours north to Vancouver. A passport is required to enter Canada from USA, Europe and Asia. The recommended host hotel is 40 minutes from the airport and is conveniently located next to several restaurants and shops.

Can I get private one on one coaching with Steve or Sam in addition to the monthly group program?

Steve is currently not accepting any new private coaching clients. In the rare event that Steve is available for private coaching in the future, potential coaching candidates must attend a group event at Creator’s Landing to be considered as a private client.

Private coaching fees with Sam are $3000 per month. There is currently a waiting list of 3-6 months or longer to become a private coaching client. Beginning in January 2008 Sam will only accept new private coaching clients who have attended a total wealth event at Creator’s Landing and are members of the monthly group coaching program.


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